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Bennett, Jennifer

Jennifer Bennett's sculptures embody confrontations with the stability of things, the various possibilities of communication and exchange through them, as well as our individual and collective relationships to them. Her small-format bronze objects from the series "Stands On All Sides" encapsulate a kind of mobile valence. In place of a static object with a clear, fixed setting, positioning and direction are constantly renegotiated in a perpetual communication process. Thus, the moment of encounter with the artwork is ongoing by virtue of the fact that there's always a new standpoint to be found.

Jennifer Bennett (*1976 Schaffhausen, CH, lives in Berlin) had exhibitions, lectures, performances and concerts at a.o. Corner College, Zurich, Kunstverein Leipzig, Butter Projects Detroit/ Royal Oak as well as in the framework of Stadtkuratorin Hamburg. 2016 she published the book „Save“ dealing with the nation and the state, self-organization, the development of large corporations, cooperation between different interest groups and indigenous populations. Jennifer Bennett is part of various collectives, a.o. of Corporation of people’s situations (COPS).