a due e due e luce

Pozarek, Vaclav

Vaclav Pozarek's work combines methods drawn from sculpture, drawing and photography, along with elements of architecture, printing, and typography. His artistic practice focuses on how production and reception are constituted in the artistic and literary fields. Pozarek deliberately destabilizes the boundaries between art and its outside, undermining traditional ordering principles within institutional and theoretical constructions. Pozarek’s work featured in TUC (Turnstile Utter Chaos), his solo show this year at the Kunstverein Bielefield, including the presentation of his artist’s book, PAIR.

For the Kunstverein’s annual editions, Pozarek has produced a work entitled a due e due e luce, produced in an exclusive edition of four. The piece focuses on the hole as a form, as a kind of negative sculpture. It builds on a series of editions Pozarek has produced in other contexts, featuring a hat, a boot, and a saddle. In his piece for the 2021/22 annual editions, Pozarek uses a pair of women’s leather gloves as the material basis for the work. Gaps, intermediary spaces and empty forms all feature as recurring motifs in Pozarek’s work; the forms he uses highlight the dialectical character of his art, which consistently exposes conventions to reflection.