A soulful man

Dalloul, Bady

Bady Dalloul’s works contain a mixture of fiction, historical events, and personal facts; he produces texts, drawings, videos and objects, all permeated with political, sociological and historical content. His process as a whole calls into question Western-centric forms of historiography and knowledge production; within that context, his current work reflects on territorial boundaries in particular. This can currently be seen as part of The Equality of Possibility, a group exhibition at the Kunstverein Bielefeld. Here, Dalloul’s work is represented by Ordonator and Badland, collages presented in artist’s book form. The three collages, created exclusively for the Kunstverein’s annual editions, are based on The Book of Kings, and serve to illustrate Dalloul’s unique style. Combining drawing, background color, written words, and found material, Dalloul’s works for the annual editions extend his previous work in Ordonator. They present insights into a fictional story – a diary of storytelling – which Dalloul sets up in opposition to reality.