Generative Instrument (2)

Brazelton IV, Cudelice

Space is the starting point for the artistic investigations of Cudelice Brazelton IV. Brazelton’s artistic practice is characterized by transmedial methods, combining found objects with textiles and construction materials; his works reflect astutely on social structures, while also calling for them to be overcome. Brazelton’s associatively-charged material includes, for example, belts and found textiles applied to canvas. The surfaces of works are often covered over with several layers of black paint.

Brazelton’s piece Generative Instrument is one of the Kunstverein’s 2020/21 exclusive annual editions. The work is an assemblage comprising glossy photo paper, a picture frame, and the remains of a car’s fender. The fender remnant is also the subject of the picture: Brazelton here isolates the object, highlights it against a black background, making the individual element stand out in three dimensions, like an element floating in space. Continuing the work of the artist’s existing oeuvre, this annual edition oscillates between illustration and sculpture, by virtue of its unusual composition of picture, frame, and object-remnant.