untitled (grey-yellow)

Samuel Richardot

Samuel Richardot's artistic practice is based on examining forms and their “counterforms.” His compositions emerge by interweaving different techniques and confronting painterly gesture with strict form. The resulting works create intersecting layers, feature empty spaces and generate rhythms. These are paintings which are constituted through cuts: their placement is continually reapproached in the painterly process. Ultimately, these works translate into pictorial formats that have an acute interplay with spatial conditions. Richardot was part of the group exhibition The Immanent Horizon. Richardot has made three originals available as exclusive annual editions for the Kunstverein Bielefeld. These small-format works were made using acrylic paint on canvas, and feature motifs reflecting the process of form-finding. Richardot describes the process as follows: “I like to imagine that all pictures, forms, objects have a kind of counter-form, which imagines the invisible part of the visible. Many paintings and pictures live only from external contexts, fed by other pictures that are not necessarily meant to be seen, but which nevertheless exist. Our entire visible environment would then be carried by the underlying arrangements. This offers infinite possibilities for viewing reality and perspectives on it.”