Grind&Shine @Home

Cake&Cash Curatorial Collective

Befitting the corporate identity of Grind&Shine Inc. in the bar of the Kunstverein, the Cake&Cash collective has designed an @Home edition as an annual edition. A set of exclusive lifestyle products facilitates an individual relaxation experience after hard days at work. Beyond this, it is beautiful to look at in the Instagram feed. Make Self-Care real. The yoga mat printed with the Grind&Shine signature print provides the right balance in everyday life and the necessary grip. After a yoga session, you can pamper yourself with gadgets, relaxing your body and mind. All products are enclosed in a handmade cosmetic bag with a unique rhinestone logo. The embroidered cap is a must-have for all Cake&Cash fans. Grab the cap! Not only will it protect you from rain and rays of sun, but it will identify you as part of the C&C community. Let your inside shine, Grind&Shine, express yourself! For yourself. For all.

Cake&Cash founded the Grind&Shine Incorporation in 2021, set in the bar of the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, which acts as their headquarters, where questions of self-realization and work are negotiated. To complement this, the collective is curating a five-part exhibition series in the showcases of the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof. Cake&Cash's annual edition is the product of a collective design process. Between utility and lifestyle, merchandise and art, irony and seriousness, the collective reflects narratives of self-optimization and "authenticity consumption".

Cake&Cash is a feminist curatorial collective that collaborates with other FLINTA* individuals to develop various program series, events, and exhibitions which combine content formats with artistic works. Cake&Cash (*2019, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg) believes that FLINTA* individuals require and deserve more space and visibility in the arts and in art academia. In order to reveal the preparatory processes and emotional labor that often remain invisible in artistic-curatorial practice, Cake&Cash transformed the HFBK gallery into an office space in 2020/21 and has since been experimenting with collective and collaborative working methods inside and outside the university. Cake&Cash is the organizer of the Pop & Squat online festival for feminist networking at art colleges and can be heard in the Radical Solidarity series of This Is Germany and at ChaosComputerClub's rC3, among others.