ADKV-ART COLOGNE Award for Kunstvereine


Since 2006, a prize for art associations has been awarded in cooperation with ADKV and ART COLOGNE, which honors the innovative work and exhibition practice of an art association. The prize is endowed with € 8,000. The prize money is donated by ART COLOGNE and the award ceremony takes place during ART COLOGNE. The award recognizes the exhibition practice of art associations, some of which work on a voluntary basis and have little financial leeway.

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Criteria for awarding the prize

  1. Promotion of contemporary art in a regional and international context
  2. Continuous presentation of contemporary art in exhibitions and as temporary projects outside established art institutions
  3. Discovery of experimental artistic approaches
  4. Development of new presentation and exhibition formats
  5. Visualization of the traditions of contemporary art
  6. Innovative art education through guided tours, discussions, supporting programs, etc.
  7. Dealing with current, socially relevant topics
  8. Establishing interdisciplinary networks at regional and supra-regional level
  9. Cultural policy work and local discourse


In order to guarantee that the prize for art associations receives the publicity it deserves, 16 personalities from the fields of art, culture and media are asked to nominate up to two art associations each on the basis of the above list of criteria. It is desirable to represent the entire spectrum of the heterogeneous art association landscape. Former award winners are excluded from the nomination process. Art associations of ADKV board members can be nominated but cannot receive the prize.


For the first time, art associations that have not yet received the award can also apply directly. To apply, the form provided in the appendix, including attachments, must be submitted in full and on time.


A five-member jury, also drawn from the fields of art, culture and media, will decide on the winner on the basis of the nominated art associations and the complete applications submitted by art associations by the deadline.